Navti Foundation - Cameroon

Kumbo Town
Bui Division, NWR

(+1) 852 6387 8545


The NAVTI Foundation NGO with registration number E26/PS/118/345 of 2004 is a non-profit, nonpolitical, charity and development organization with head office in Kumbo town, Cameroon. "Navti" in our native language Lamnso means "to repair". NAVTI Foundation's goal is to act as a pivot centre for rural developmental issues within our region; to help groups work towards self reliance and sustainability.

It is named after Mrs. Shudzeka nee Bridget Navti, who was a model citizen in the community. After her death in 2000, her family, together with other members in her community, came up with the foundation to continue working in her honor.

Our major working community is largely a rural area of about 420,000 inhabitants who suffer from unavailable good road networks, insufficient education facilities, lack of adequate water and electricity and high poverty levels. We strive to assist in the fight against poverty for the underprivileged in our community of which rural women, the disabled and orphaned children face the greatest difficulties.

In early 2008, thanks to the support of our former volunteers, we have opened a branch office in Canada called ONG NAVTI Foundation Canada. In April 2008 still, we opened a branch in HK called NAVTI Foundation Hong Kong, they are helping to raise funds for our projects. We believe that many small things together make one big.

Thank you for your interest in the foundation and for taking the time out to visit our site. Kindly contact us with any questions or support.

Shudzeka Jean Louis Bimela
President of NAVTI Foundation